Bread Recipes

Top Ten Favorite Bread Recipes

There is an assortment of recipes available for all types of bread,
but these ten are still the favorites and have been around much longer
than many others.

Banana bread is a moist delight and more of sweeter cake bread. It is made with freshly mashed
bananas and is more of quicker bread since instead of yeast, baking soda is used. This cuts down
the preparation and cooking time.

Banana Nut bread is slightly different than Banana bread in that walnuts or pecans are used and a
few more spices. Freshly mashed bananas are still a main ingredient here too.

Zucchini bread is a delicious treat to make for special occasions or a family gets together. This is
made with added flavors of sugar, cinnamon, walnuts, vanilla and of course, zucchini.

Bread pudding is a true southern staple and baked within Britain as well. Stale bread is used and
soaked for about 24 hours then ingredients like dried fruits, spices, eggs, molasses, eggs and suet
are mixed in. It is then topped once out of the oven with a sweet rum or caramel type sauce for even
more flavor.

Pumpkin bread is moist and great for all those fall feasts and parties. It can be made with added
raisins or nuts for a different touch.

Quick bread is a true baker’s favorite due to the decreased preparation time and cooking time these
take. Yeast is not used within these, baking soda is substituted instead.

Italian bread is wonderful with a glass of red wine, spaghetti, lasagna or other Italian dishes.

French bread in the form of baguettes is more of crisper bread with a thicker type crust to it. This
works well for cook outs and French dishes.

Corn bread is another popular southern type of cuisine. It is easily made with the uses of eggs, milk,
corn meal and salt.

The last favorite recipe is of sourdough bread, which needs a starter usually made of water and flour
like mixture which is placed in a baggie to grow until needed for baking.


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