Bua Loy Ginger Soup (Sweet Ginger Soup)

Sweet Ginger Soup or Bualoy in ginger soup is another cup of dessert contained in the Vietnamese menu. Eat a dessert made much easier. How to do but is not difficult to do elegantly. The Bawlai have much spare flesh soft, sticky ginger water must taste sweet aroma from the thresh flour out how to gradually enter the water gradually into the flour. Bualoy in Ginger Soup is delicious to eat fresh ginger in water Bualoy palatable. Water is light brown to clear. The color of brown sugar taste is not sweet aroma of ginger held together with sugar, a little spicy flavor.

  • 500 g of soybean
  • 12 cups of water
  • 2 tbsp of Calcium Sulfate
  • 4 tbsp of tapioca flour
  • 1 kg of old ginger

  1. Soak soybean in hot water about 1-3 hours or until it inflate.
  2. Take all crust and clean soybean.
  3. Blend soybean, while blend add water little by little. Then filter with white and thin fabric.
  4. Put soymilk on fire, always stir it. If boil put it down from fire.
  5. Burn calcium sulfate then pestle it. Sift it one time before use.
  6. Mix tapioca flour with calcium sulfate and water 1/4 cup to pot which you let soymilk hard.
  7. Strongly pour soymilk to pot (ingredient no.6) and do not stir it. Let it hard without move or shake.
PREPARATIONS for making ginger soup
Clean ginger and pound it lightly, add it to water and boil it.

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