Types of Bread

Breads are a part of our everyday lives as it is a basic food source and
a traditional companion with meals. There are various assortments
and types of breads available and many flavors and textures for all
 The most popular types of bread are white, wheat and
whole-grain breads, but there are fancier or more flavorful types on the
markets as well.
Some of the most popular bread types you will find below. Enjoy!

Multi-grain breads include whole meal, rye or white flour, gluten, wheat germ, honey, non-fattening
milk, oats, corn, rice millet, barley and whole or cracked types of wheat grains. These lovely breads
come in either heavy or light loaves.

Sourdough bread is a favorite of most Americans and foreigners as well.  It is made with a starter mix
either you have on hand or you have bought within a store. This mixture should sit at least 24-48
hours to begin the fermentation process. The mix will began to expand and retain a sour like smell,
this is completely normal; it just means that it is working properly. You can bake with this mix within
24 hours time.

Flatbreads are known to be one of the earliest forms of breads in our history to date. It is made with a
mixture of basics such as water, salt and flour, which you knead to make dough that is pliable, it is
then hand-shaped and baked. These flatbreads Can be either double or single in layers.

Hearth breads are breads such as Vienna or Baguettes styles and baked in hearth ovens with stone
floors directly for the best outcome. Ovens used for baking these breads have to have steam to give
the breads crusty finishes.  Ingredients of salt, wheat flour, yeast and water are used to bake these

There are also fruit breads which are easily made by using your favorite bread recipe and adding
dried fruits to them and then baked.

Types of Bread Flour

In the baking world there are many different types of bread flours out on the markets, knowing which
ones are best for certain breads and the differences within each one is the key to successful bread

All-purpose flour has gluten in medium levels and is blended with wheat flours. This is the most
common flour used in households for baking in America.

Cake flour is more of softer wheat and milled finely type of flour. This contains minimum amounts of
gluten and is very good used in cookies and cakes or cake like breads.

For sourdough and pumpernickel breads the use of rye flour is important in baking these correctly.
This flour also has gluten in minimal levels as well.

Bleached flour is whiter than others due to being treated with agents that bleach the flour and
contains much more gluten within it.

Self-rising flour is another type that is used regularly when baking. It is a type of all-purpose flour
which has salt, baking powder and baking soda within it.

Flour labeled as bread flour contains high amounts of gluten, but works ideally to make and bake
breads. It has a more granular texture to it than regular all-purpose flours, if using this flour instead
of all-purpose flour the measurements should be cut downs as not as much of this is needed in the

Soy flour is great especially for those of your who have gluten allergies as there is no gluten
contained within it. It also has wonderful amounts of nutritious iron and proteins for good health. It
has a creamy color to it and is flavored much stronger than others and when used in recipes should
be watched carefully as the breads tend to become browner a lot quicker than normal flour being
used. You could just lower the temperature of the oven and put a closer eye on the bread also.


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