How to Bake the Best Biscuits

The first thing you will need in baking the perfect biscuit is a perfect biscuit recipe.  The
best buscuits are light and fluffy on the inside, and lightly brown on the outside. 

You will need  1/3 cup of bread flour,  1-2/3 cups all purpose flour, ½ teaspoon of
salt, 1 tablespoon of baking powder, 2 tablespoons chilled shortening, 6 tablespoons
bitter unsalted and chilled,  ¾ cups of milk and  3 tablespoons butter which is melted.

Next in your quest to bake the perfect biscuit you’ll need to set your oven to preheat
at 425 degrees with the rack in center of the oven.  Then combine the flour, salt and
baking powder, mixing thoroughly in a large sized bowl.  Cut the shortening and cold
butter into the mixture by using a pastry blender and mix until it has the appearance
of cornmeal. Pour in your milk and mix with all ingredients until moistened
throughout,  make a ball out of the dough and start to work, kneading on a lightly
floured surface area.

The dough should be rolled out approximately to a 5-9 inch rectangle shape, Keep
kneading and working the dough, then roll back out into a 9 inch rectangle and cut
with biscuit cutter into 9 biscuits. Your biscuits should be spaced about 1 ½ inches
from each other for best baking results and placed on a cookie sheet that is not
greased.  Using butter that has been melted lightly brush biscuit tops with a pastry
brush. Place in the 425 degree oven for about 14 minutes and you will have baked
the perfect biscuits for everyone to enjoy with your favorite homemade jam and jelly
or good old fashioned gravy for a truly satisfying meal.  This is a recipe that you will
want to keep in your file, and use over and over again.

Biscuits can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner and can be accompanied by
tasty meats as well as soups, stews or casseroles. They are the best bread choice
for almost any style of family gathering or brunch. Happy Baking!

 Original Cornbread

Corn breads, sweet and golden, are made much like other quick breads. Cornmeal
often mixed with all purpose flour and usually leavened by baking powder, is
combined with liquids such as milk or buttermilk, as well as with eggs, butter and
flavoring ingredients and the resulting batter is baked. The batter can be molded
into a single loaf or cake ( the traditional mold is a cast iron skillet) or, for individual
portions, into smaller shapes such as muffins or the corn sticks.

Corn sticks call for a cast iron pan with troughs molded like little ears of corn.
These pans are obtainable from kitchen-equipment shops and should be well
seasoned before use to help prevent the batter from sticking.
Even so, before being used the corn stick pan should be liberally coated with
butter-melted so that it can be brushed into every part of the molds- to ensure that
the corn sticks will set without sticking and develop crisp, golden crusts.

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