Khanom Sam Pan Nee (Mixed flour and coconut cream)

Thai Thai dessert called Kha Nom Sam Pan Nee or dried stirred the mixed flour and coconut cream. Do you believe or not some Thai people believe that who born between 15 February - 14 March (Aquarius) Dominated the attention with candy are rare elements like wind dessert. Thai variety that complement such luck observes New Company share this Kha Nom Sam Pan Nee, Golden Rain or Kha Nom Foi-Thong. Drink is Idea Orange juice, water, water Esawrs and apple juice.

  • 2 cups Cassava Flour
  • 2 cups Sugar
  • 1 Cup Coconut Cream (Squeeze 3 cup flake coconut meat with white jasmine water)
  • Food color

  • Stir the flour in drying pan at low heat until color be comes pale yellow.
  • Then let stand to cooling.
  • Heat the mixed sugar and coconut cream and boil until it becomes thick.
  • Bring the thick syrup from the oven and let stand to warming.
  • Put food color such green, pink, yellow etc. Into the thick coconut syrup.
  • Pour the pale yellow into the syrup and stir quickly with paddle stick until well mixed.
  • Take out from the pan. Then cover with a thin cloth.
  • Put the balls and press into several forms of the molds, if it sticks to molds, lightly cassava flour into, then pick the sweets form the casts and arrange in a serve dish.

  • Sometimes, scent with white jasmine or ylang or insense can be ussed.
  • The sweet must be press into molds while it is hot otherwise it will crystallize.

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