Sweet Potato Soup (Fun Shee Tong Sui)

I like Tong Sui which is the Chinese sweet dessert soup. There are many type of tong sui. Some takes a lot of steps and others are very simple. The sweet potato soup is very easy and fast to make — just took me 20 minutes.

Back in the days where I grew up in Malaysia, sweet potato are basically eaten by poor people. I recall my parents telling that during the second world war, people survived on these stuff because it was easy to grow. In Canada, sweet potatoes are referred to as yams.

Fan Shee Tong Sui


  • 3 pieces of sweet potato
  • 1 brown sugar slab (for sweetness)
  • 2 pandan leaves (for flavor)



Peel the skin off from the sweet potatoes and cut it into bit-sized chunks. I tie a knot on the pandan leaves so that I can easily remove it after the soup is cooked.


Drop a piece of brown sugar slab into a pot of boiling water. I use three cups of water.


I then just pour everything into the pot and boil it for 15 minutes. That’s it — sweet and simple.

Fan Shee Tong Sui

 Source info: http://chowtimes.com

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