History of Bread

Did you know that breads and baker’s are some of the oldest traditions in
our world today?

History shows that Bread rolls and loaves have been located within
tombs, still intact in Ancient Egypt. These earlier breads were made either
unleavened or leavened. Among the ingredients used in these first
breads were flour (gr

A variety of breads popular within these earlier times included oil and honey bread, spit fired baked
military rolls, poppy seed loaves baked into a mushroom-like shape and griddle cakes.

In the year of 1912, a man named Otto Rohwedder supposedly created the first sliced bread. He began
the invention of a bread slicing machine.  But, bakeries in those days were not as enthusiastic about it
due to mounting worries about the bread becoming stale once it has been sliced. Otto invented a
different bread slicing/wrapping machine in the year of 1928. This machine sliced and wrapped the
bread loaves to keep it fresher longer. This machine was greeted more enthusiastically and accepted by
many bakeries. One of the very first bakeries to adapt its use was located in Missouri.

In earlier times darker breads were considered to be for the poorer people and the richer white breads
were for the richer people within a community.

The year 1961 saw advancement in bread making with the creation of the Chorley-Wood bread process.
This machine used mechanical parts to work the dough and reduce the period of fermentation
drastically and a loaf of bread could be made in much less time.


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